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Reports for 800-622-2580

5 days ago by Anonymous

Multiple complaints have been submitted on 2020-10-19 with the FCC in relation to unwanted calls from (800) 622-2580

5 days ago by Anonymous

Numerous grievances have been submitted on 2020-10-19 with the FCC in relation to unrequested phone calls from 800 622 2580

about 2 months ago by Business

"ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Do not hang up. We are providing you with debt forgiveness in this time of hardship." HANG UP!!!

2 months ago by Rix

Card Services Scam ! These Turds from India are spoffing phone numbers from all over the country! They are trying to steal your CC information! Dont fall for this Scam!

2 months ago by Kansas

Robo call, relentless.

3 months ago by Grundell

Robo call about credit cards.

4 months ago by em w

recording to "get lower rates on charge card press 1" Pressed 1 and told person I had no charge cards, he said have a nice day and hung up. I knew it was a scam by the sound of the recording and looked up #

4 months ago by Fed Up

Caller put on a recording telling me they were from my electric company and wanted to tell me a credit is due, and to press 1.

4 months ago by Obedient Christian Believer

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Information for 800-622-2580

800-622-2580 Information

Location: North America
Company: Unknown
Community Comments: 6
Report Type: 0 Safe Reports. 5 Unsafe Reports.
FCC Reports: 19 Unsafe Reports.
Latest rating: 10/19/2020

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FCC Reports for 800-622-2580

Reports filed to the US FCC Government Agency

FCC complaints for 800-622-2580 (19 complaints)

Other consumers have reported this number 19 times to the FCC. The most common reported issues were Unwanted Calls but 800-622-2580 has also been reported for . Reports have been made by users in 12 states (Florida, Massachusetts, Delaware, Wyoming, California, Illinois, West Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, New Jersey, Texas, and Arizona) Most recently this number was reported on October 19, 2020

Warning! Several people have complained about this number. It has been reported to the FCC and several other US scam agencies. This number has been on the FCC's blacklist for 5 months.

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