Area Code: 877

877 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 420 reports for this area code.

Reports for 877

UNSAFE 877-580-9085 2 days ago

unwanted call - calls 2-3 times a day

UNSAFE 877-381-9605 4 days ago

Caller ID read Optimin RX. Can find no company by that name but is similar to Optima Rx & Optum Rx. Probably a scam/robocall. I picked up the phone quietly and did not trigger a computer-driven message and the call timed out

NEUTRAL 877-258-4825 6 days ago

Did not answer.

UNSAFE 877-337-5051 9 days ago

"800 Service" no name no message harassing robocall. Same scammer uses different numbers in no name repeat calls.

NEUTRAL 877-636-3716 10 days ago

Unsolicited call - tells you a health care rep will be with you, then nothing.

UNSAFE 877-218-7094 25 days ago

Caller called from 855-997-7095. Wanted a call back to 887-218-7094. Called long wait time before someone answered. Said they are delivering important document wanted a lot of personal information. Ironically, they had my name.

UNSAFE 877-791-0494 25 days ago


NEUTRAL 877-305-8218 27 days ago

This toll free number contacted my work, requesting my name and phone number. Would not give purpose of call and caller persisted in wanted said information. When refused by employees 3 times gave his name as Michael and gave the toll free 877-305-8318

UNSAFE 877-846-3435 about 1 month ago

This party has been calling my cell at least 20-30 tunes a day need it to stop

UNSAFE 877-854-3538 about 1 month ago

I have received 11 calls from this number in the last week and have documented over 60 additional calls during the period of July and August.

UNSAFE 877-439-2519 about 1 month ago

Scam from fake Amazon Call number 1132178002.

UNSAFE 877-683-6431 about 1 month ago


NEUTRAL 877-410-4634 about 1 month ago

So sick of companies being so intrusive. If I want something I CALL them.

NEUTRAL 877-805-7744 about 2 months ago

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UNSAFE 877-864-4566 about 2 months ago

We are a business and we get a fax call with this number daily around 1pm with a follow up call 10 minutes later. Extremely annoying and a huge waste of time.

UNSAFE 877-439-2519 about 2 months ago

This is a scam robocall

NEUTRAL 877-550-3884 about 2 months ago

It came in as an iOS detection of virus webpage and I made the mistake of calling it back.

UNSAFE 877-383-4802 about 2 months ago

ID shows Capital O

UNSAFE 877-805-7744 2 months ago

left no message

UNSAFE 877-434-3807 2 months ago

FL State Attorney: Debt collector or not, their practices and methods are in direct violation with Federal Law and compounded action during the pandemic. Midland Funding and Portfolio Recovery are in their 4th Class Action Lawsuit. This now applies to the corporation and each representative that exhibits harassment. As calls are recorded by the collective companies, we urge all citizens to do the same when speaking to them.

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    9:39 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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