Area Code: 480

480 Area Code belongs to the state of Arizona. The following cities fall under this area code: Apache Junction, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe. There have been a total of 306 reports for this area code.

Reports for 480

NEUTRAL 480-627-5501 9 months ago

This # appeared on the caller I.D along with "Apple, Inc". The call was received at my home 12 times in one day. Also had calls from 248 675 0320 claiming to be "Apple, Inc." Tried to call back the # left on the actual message which was to call 208 272 0000 which was actually a non-working #.

UNSAFE 480-937-0257 9 months ago

Harassing me! It’s a wrong number. But they continue to call. When I called back (their rep hung up on me) they threatened legal action against me if I called again!

UNSAFE 480-937-0257 9 months ago

Pre recorded message trying to sound threatening. Number they leave is different every time. The number they call from is different every time and every one of them gets blocked. Sick of receiving this call every day!

NEUTRAL 480-739-5880 9 months ago

The calls are from a "George" claiming to want to buy my home and instructs people to call their main number at 520-261-7375.

UNSAFE 480-372-2720 10 months ago

Multiple calls from this number. All hang ups.

UNSAFE 480-360-2292 10 months ago

In a woman's voice "you have reached ? please leave your number and I will return your call as soon as possible" ? = unknown. Needless to say I am not leaving a message since I do not know anyone from the number in Mesa/Phoenix AZ. Whitepages has this number listed as high spam/fraud with reports asking for SSN to I want to buy your house.

UNSAFE 480-937-0278 10 months ago

This company is a scam/

UNSAFE 480-937-0257 10 months ago

Threatens to sue you. 😆I pay all my bills!! Beware

NEUTRAL 480-627-5501 11 months ago


UNSAFE 480-627-5501 11 months ago

15 calls in one day.... 10 the day before.....

NEUTRAL 480-867-9120 11 months ago

I received a Instagram Message from a female identifying herself as Ashley Tifanny

UNSAFE 480-937-2094 11 months ago

Exactly as what is stated above straight to voice same recording.

UNSAFE 480-937-2094 12 months ago

The call did not ring through, even though this number had not been in my block list (it is now). I believe the caller dialed in a way to go directly to my voicemail to avoid human interaction; I also believe that the call was a recording rather than a human. Left voicemail 1min 12sec long. Starts with 4sec silence, then gives absolutely no identification of himself or his business until the website reference. The script is supposed to make it sound like we've talked before (no we haven't), but it's been a while. Yada yada... ...last time we connected (ahh, never), knows I was interested in making some serious income online (no I'm not). Wanted to share, this is currently making him over $100k per month... if you've been on our website recently (note, STILL no identification who or what company this is).... eventually lists the website (not about to visit this url - EVER): repeats it. It's a "done-for-me" kind of business (then how am I supposed to believe that I'm going to earn ANYTHING?) repeats the website again, repeats it yet again, this time spelling it out character by character, Aaaaaaaand he repeats it one more time. Voicemail is over, only the website for ID, no company or personal name ever given.

UNSAFE 480-636-3900 12 months ago

called 3 time in 60 minutes

UNSAFE 480-553-9634 12 months ago

Called again yesterday for the 3rd time, two days in a row. I have called back and keep getting a ring to dial tone as if someone is on the line. I do not know anyone in Mesa Az.

UNSAFE 480-553-9634 12 months ago

Called me again this morning when I was driving so didn't answer. I have called back several times at various times and get a ring to dial tone that indicates someone is on a call, guess this number will have to be blocked. The Whitepages has this number listed as VoIP.

UNSAFE 480-553-9634 12 months ago

I missed this call yesterday at 9:50 am besides I do not know anyone in Mesa, AZ. I called back several times getting the ring that person was on a call, I tried again recently 3:30 am with the same results.

UNSAFE 480-889-1405 about 1 year ago

Called twice but could not make out what they were saying. I called it back and it was “not in service”

UNSAFE 480-542-7340 about 1 year ago

Missed a call from this number, another VoIP, I called back to a recording "the user you are calling is on line 5" . Why should I leave a message to someone who doesn't identify him/herself.

UNSAFE 480-256-2085 about 1 year ago

Missed a call, called back and busy? Voip according to white pages.

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