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UNSAFE about 1 year ago

After an unsolicited call 310-633-2670 was reported by a user from Kentucky

UNSAFE about 1 year ago

Unwanted Calls from 310 633 2670 prompted a complaint about this number to the FCC

UNSAFE over 1 year ago

They called numerous times trying to scam someone who is gullible enough to trust them. I called the number and apple is aware of these calls. They gave an FBI website to contact. I just wish I could meet the caller face to face and we could take care of the problem. Boom! Boom! No more calls...

UNSAFE over 1 year ago

Has called 10 times today, real pain.

UNSAFE over 1 year ago

Called 4x.

UNSAFE over 1 year ago

I've received 3 calls from 310-633-2670 within the past hour. After pressing 1 to see WTF they are harassing me they left me on hold claiming my call was in queue So annoying

UNSAFE over 1 year ago

Got 8 calls within 10 minutes, They left 8 messages, I listened to messages, all said press 1 to speak to customer service, press 2 to hang up. Pressing 2 does not hang up the call, so do not answer the phone and if you do answer it, do not choose any options. Hang up, better yet let voicemail pick it up. It shows up on caller ID as Apple Inc

NEUTRAL over 1 year ago

Got 5 calls in 2 hours

UNSAFE over 1 year ago

recorded message to call because there is security breech with my I cloud acct. I don;t have a I cloud acct this call is scam

UNSAFE over 1 year ago

hanging up after pickup. Has called 4 times last 2 hours

NEUTRAL over 1 year ago

India calling saying my iCloud account has been breached. The phone # is the actual number from the Santa Monica Apple Store. Looking for access to your computer. 2 calls in 10 minutes so far, but day is not over yet.

UNSAFE almost 2 years ago

Received 4 calls in one day with recording claiming to be from Apple Inc. about iCloud security problem.

UNSAFE almost 2 years ago

I received calls from this number 7 times on Sunday. Same robot voice warning about something about my Apple products and the cloud. Quit listening after the first two.

NEUTRAL almost 2 years ago

Received 7calls in a 3hour 45minute time period. Caller ID Apple,Inc. stated do not use Apple products until I spoke with them as my ICloud account was in danger

NEUTRAL almost 2 years ago

Received recording ... breach to my iCloud account and to call for support.

UNSAFE almost 2 years ago

this is totally a bogus caller, called my phone 5 times then when I pressed 1 to speak to rep, and told him he had contacted the Police dept. he hung up

UNSAFE almost 2 years ago

Apple my ass.

UNSAFE almost 2 years ago

I have no apple products

UNSAFE almost 2 years ago

India calling about my Apple product.. Hung when I starting talking about his mother..Not sure why ?! LOL

UNSAFE about 2 years ago

I'm pretty sure this is a spoofed number. Caller ID shows up as "Apple Inc." Trying to gain access to computers

Information for 310-633-2670

310-633-2670 Information

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Company: AT&T Local
Community Comments: 17
Report Type: 0 Safe Reports. 15 Unsafe Reports.
FCC Reports: 87 Unsafe Reports.
Latest rating: 08/25/2019

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FCC Reports for 310-633-2670

Reports filed to the US FCC Government Agency

FCC complaints for 310-633-2670 (87 complaints)

Other consumers have reported this number 87 times to the FCC. The most common reported issues were Unwanted Calls but 310-633-2670 has also been reported for . Reports have been made by users in 9 states (Kentucky, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Florida, Maryland, California, Georgia, and New York) Most recently this number was reported on August 25, 2019

Warning! Several people have complained about this number. It has been reported to the FCC and several other US scam agencies. This number has been on the FCC's blacklist for about 2 years.

Number Details

  • Phone Type:
    Land Line
  • City:
    California (Santa Monica, CA)
  • Area Code:
  • Timezone:
    10:26 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))
  • Company:
    AT&T Local

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